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 Advanced PDF to HTML converter Pro Jun 6, 2008 697
PDF format is becoming more and more popular among users. However, the problem of documents indexing of PDF files by search engines arises at this point. Many simple search engines do not index PDF documents, but rather just ignore them. We have a simple and convenient solution. Convert your PDF f...
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 VB 2 Html Jan 27, 2004 334
If you're writing VB/ VBA documentation or tutorials for the Internet or Intranet, use VB 2 Html to format your Basic code the way people expect it to look.VB 2 Html converts VB, VBA and VBScript to color- coded HTML, which can be placed directly into your documentation. Visual Basic Add-In for V...
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 Convert Monkey Jan 22, 2011 316
Convert excel spreadsheets, word documents, html files, plain text files, word perfect documents, quattro sheets or rich text file formats.Convert Monkey automates common document conversion tasks. This package can convert multiple documents into varying formats. Convert excel spreadsheets and ...
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 RSS Wizard Mar 15, 2011 304
RSS Wizard - is an HTML to RSS converter that will generate an RSS feed from pretty well any HTML web page - with no requirement to edit the source HTML first. RSS Wizard generates feeds using version 2.0 of the RSS standard. RSS Wizard: Main Features Really ease of use Unlimited Profiles XM...
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 Vista DB Maker Nov 7, 2010 302
DataBase Maker was created to help you extract specific data from HTML and TXT documents and create text databases. It is intended mainly for big companies and corporations, however ordinary users may also find it very useful for their purposes of information searching. DataBase Maker possesses som...
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 Advanced PDF to HTML converter Lite Jan 27, 2004 246
Converts PDF files into HTML for online browsing, using a technique that preserves original document layout - complete with graphics, hyperlinks and bookmarks - while also transforming it into a useable and searchable document on the web. Please note: Lite version has a limit on number of vector d...
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 Text-to-HTML Jul 30, 2003 188
Text-to-HTML is a program to convert ASCII texts into HTML format with a minimum loss of formatting information. Features Converts e-mail addresses and URLs into hyperlinks Extracts paragraph alignment information Recognizes numbered and bullet lists Manual converting mode (see below) Su...
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 DB to HTML Express Dec 20, 2005 166
DB to HTML Express is a template-based development tool for database-to-HTML conversion operations. Now you don?t need any additional HTML editor, fast and easy create a set of linked Web pages that can immediately be put on your Web server or viewed with your favourite Web browser. Build product c...
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 Advanced HTML Protector Jan 27, 2004 166
If you are a web designer, you know how much time, energy and money it takes to create a unique and professional Web Page, you also know how easy it is for the visitors to copy your working achievement and reuse it in their Web Page. That is called web site plagiarism. Today, web site plagiarism...
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 RTF to XML converter Nov 19, 2002 144
Using RTF2FO converter allows you to create XML document that will look the same way as your original RTF document. The resulting XML document will be built in strong compliance with XSL FO specifications that make it possible to convert it into other well-know formats, such as HTML or PDF using a ...
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