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 Diet Balancer Feb 29, 2004 3342
Diet Balancer has been developed by Nutridata Software in conjunction with leading health professionals. The Diet Balancer is a nutritional analysis software program, to date, has sold over one million copies. The Diet Balancer is the first software product that will have a powerfully positive imp...
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 Around The House Feb 29, 2004 528
Around The House is a user friendly, but powerful home inventory program. It was designed to help homeowners keep track of their belongings. It is very important to have a detailed record in case of burglary or disasters. The Around The House software allows you to do just that. We at Bletsch...
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 QuickCard 2000 Feb 29, 2004 521
QuickCard 2000 is the quickest and easiest way to create your personal name cards, greeting cards, invitations, labels and any other single-page artworks with texts and graphics. It's simple and intuitive user interface will help you to compose and print good-looking name cards within a few minut...
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 Inventory Nov 19, 2002 463
Inventory 4.0 is an inventory tracking program that is perfect for small business. Features include drag n drop toolbars, automated order creation, detailed help system, and a host of other important features....
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 Sports Card Tracking Database Feb 29, 2004 355
Powerful database package to keep track of all those sports cards you've collected. The Sports Card Tracking Database (SCDB) is designed to handle a virtually unlimited number of records and allows you to keep track of your cards by type (Football, Baseball, etc...), Brand Name, Value, Year and...
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 Cooking Companion Feb 29, 2004 353
Cooking Companion is the newest and most powerful Windows recipe program on the market today. Cooking Companion uses a new database technology which stores more recipes in less disk space. Popular Windows features like folders and drag-and-drop make entering recipes a breeze. For quicker interaction...
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 WinBar Feb 29, 2004 294
WinBar offers thousands of drinks and the fastest, most versitle search engine out there. Tell WinBar what drinks you have on hand and it will let you know what drinks you can make -- in a matter of seconds. WinBar can also keep track of what drinks you have tried and your comments on these drinks....
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 Everything I Own! Feb 29, 2004 232
In the event of theft or disaster, 'Everything I Own! could be the most important program on your computer. This program will enable the user to list every item in his/ her home. It tracks model and serial numbers, warranty information, locations, types of items, condition, purchase price, r...
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 Grocery Heaven Nov 19, 2002 231
Grocery shopping has long been a chore and it's because making the list, sticking to the list, and finding the items in the list has been a tedious and boring task. Now with this program, you'll never forget to buy an item and never go back and forth the aisles because it'll let you know when to ...
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 Music Database Nov 19, 2002 219
New Additions to this program You have several sort options for viewing your database. There are 7 diffrent print options based on how you wish to sort the database. The program has built in spell checking for the data you enter. You can backup and restore the database, compact and convert the da...
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