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 IronWarrior Training Log Feb 29, 2004 1824
IronWarrior is a training log for weightlifters, bodybuilders, strength-training athletes, and anyone who wants to build a strong, powerful physique. Designed to address all facets of weightlifting, it records workouts, nutrition, recovery factors, supplements, splits, rest intervals, no...
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 Blood Glucose Log Book Feb 29, 2004 530
Blood Glucose Log Book is simple to use, yet has many powerful features to make self-management of diabetes a breeze. Create graphs and text reports of readings and events you select. Create Scatter Graphs for Trend Analysis. Email your readings directly from Blood Glucose Log Book. Customize range...
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 Performance Diet Professional Sep 11, 2002 394
Maximize Weight Loss, nutrition, fitness, health & wellness & get $50 in FREE diet and sports nutrition products. Provides EVERYTHING! Only software licensed to use the maximum fat loss and maximum sports performance low glycemic food and fat storage research of the Glycemic Research Institute!Ma...
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 Personal Trainer One Feb 29, 2004 317
Award winning diet software helps you craft a customized diet and exercise program to meet your weight loss goal, on your schedule. Personal Trainer One is a comprehensive companion that provides start-to-finish assistance for a successful weight loss program. Some of P.T.O.'s many features include...
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 Le Grand Livre du Cafe Feb 29, 2004 179
Cette micro-edition vous apprendra tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur le cafe. Apprenez son histoire, ses legendes, sa botanique, la terminologie. Comment faire la tasse parfaite, des recettes de cafes, boissons, gateaux, tartes, mousses, etc... Interface agreable, les textes sont bien ill...
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 Diet Pro Jul 2, 2004 171
Award-winning easy-to-use diet and weight management software. Track your weight, set goals, organize your recipes, get nutritional information and graph results. Other features include ingredient database, grocery lists, web integration, import and export, reference library, powerful se...
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 Personal Trainer One v3.0 Feb 29, 2004 171
P.T.O. is the ultimate personal food, exercise, and weight management software package. Why settle for anything less than a fitness program with the wide variety of features you need to meet your goals? The food journal keeps track of everything you eat, automatically calculating and analyzing nu...
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 BREATHE - No Smoking Hypnotherapy Module Feb 29, 2004 167
BREATHE can help the user reach the goal of quitting smoking. Featuring the soothing voice of a certified hypnotherapist, BREATHE offers 17, 4, and 1-minute sessions of positive, encouraging words. Sessions may be augmented by a Theta Brainwave Synchronizer and a Babbling Brook sound. Feature...
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 UltimateCalorieMeter Feb 29, 2004 159
Benefits of the UltimateCalorieMeter Ability to build meals that you eat regularly. Ability to adjust portions of food items in a meal you have built to reflect what you actually ate. Ability to build a menu of food items (eg: 5 types of beef, 3 types of potatoes, 4 vegetables, etc) and the...
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 ActiveClick.com Feb 29, 2004 139
Software that automatically Clicks, Drags Content & Makes You Take Stretch Breaks to Help Relieve Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis & RSI....
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