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 Movie DB Feb 29, 2004 127
Catalog your DivX, DVD, VCD and VHS movies! Some features: IMdB support: get all the movie info / actor filmography with one click! MicroDVD INI file generator Covers gallery (using file name standard) Movies gallery Actors gallery Internal image viewer Simple and intuitive! Really s...
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 MPS Password Manager Jan 21, 2004 120
Every day at home or in office, you must remember a lot of passwords... the problem is: where do you write this information?! On a post-it attached on the monitor? FORGET IT! Use MPS Password Manager to store securely all your password! Features: dedicated db for store and manage user / pass...
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 X-COM Server Mar 17, 2004 91
Your boss is spying you... YES! Every message/ file you send on your lan can be intercepted by anyone... X-COM can offer you a minimun of privacy: every communications is encrypted using the Blowfish encryption algorithm. You will be able to send messages / files and chat with anyone on your lan an...
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 Easy Backup Jan 10, 2004 84
Don't have the money to buy a raid backup system? No problem... if you have two hard disks (E.B. works also on one hd!) and if you need a simple and fast backup software.. EASY BACKUP IS FOR YOU! Feaures: backup automatically your data at predefined intervals log and report any errors during the ...
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 PopUp Destroyer Mar 23, 2004 81
Are you tired of all the popup windows that every minute will open on your desktop while you surf?! Well, now there is a solution! PopUp Destroyer will close automatically all these windows! The difference with other popup killer is that our software works with all the internet browsers! Supporte...
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 Privacy Cop Mar 23, 2004 61
Privacy Cop remove traces of your Internet activity! Remember: every time you surf, you leave a trace on your pc! Use our simple software to erase all these information!...
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