Gary Felton Photgrapher Programs

 UNDERWATER Screen Saver Mar 4, 2004 162
"UNDERWATER" A screen saver loaded with beautiful underwater images from around the world. Warm blue water, deep reefs, colorful fish and more. Photographed by Gary Felton, a winner of 14 major awards in underwater photography....
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 A Tropical Paradise 5.0 Apr 23, 2006 42
"A tropical paradise" A screen saver loaded with beautiful tropical images. Warm beaches, lush palm trees, painted sunsets, pristine bays. You can almost feel the sand in your toes. The best 5 minute break from your hectic day you can have. "It's almost like meditation" Includes 27 tropical...
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 Sailing Screen Saver Apr 23, 2006 35
If you desire a sailing screen saver, this is it. Roaring along under full sail, watching the day start in a tropical anchorage, racing for the gold, this is sailing! Whether you love to sail or just love the ocean this screen saver will let you escape the everyday world for hours. "Sailing" scr...
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