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 WinNc.Net Jan 25, 2004 149
WinNc.Net is a file manager for Windows XP and 2003/ 2000/ ME/ 98/ 95 that replaces the use of the existing Windows Explorer. Developed by a small Dutch multimedia company called Dunes MultiMedia, WinNc uses the same key shortcuts and the same mouse functionality as a well-known DOS file manager, ...
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 Disk Space Recovery Wizard Jan 11, 2004 149
Disk Space Recovery Wizard is the No 1 Garbage and Junk File Cleaning utility which can help you reclaim up to 500MB of wasted space. With it's advanced search and clean capability it can find over 48 types of junk files in less than a minute. With ability to control which files are to be deleted th...
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 XRay Jan 11, 2004 144
Determine the type of any file regardless of its extension, fix damaged email attachments, extract a portion of a file to save valuable data (e.g. from a corrupt document), identify a possible virus or joke, ... XRay gives you the power to look into your files like never before without needing t...
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 Paragon Ext2FS Anywhere Personal version Jan 11, 2004 141
Paragon Ext2FS Anywhere is designed to mount Linux partitions under Windows operating systems as normal logical drives with appropriate drive letter. The version 2.5 works under Windows 9x/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP Additional functions : - Mounting of hidden or newly created and formatted FAT/ NTFS part...
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 Filo Jan 11, 2004 141
Filo enables you to modify the date, time, and attribute properties of selected files and folders. It is particularly handy for giving files and folders the same time and date stamp, and modifying sets of files based on their existing attributes. For instance, you might want to remove the read-o...
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 Magellan Explorer Jan 11, 2004 137
Magellan Explorer is the fastest, easiest way to manage your files, whether on your local harddrive or across the Internet. You can publish your web pages, download and open Zip files, and view pictures. All within a single, easy-to-use, attractive package....
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 STG FolderPrint Plus Jan 11, 2004 135
Print and visualize your folders. Find out where your HD space went. Document your project's folders! You can filter to include only the files you want and customize the display and prints to your taste, with many options, including colors, fonts, sorting and columns. Output is highly graphical ...
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 Alkonost MaxFormat Jan 11, 2004 135
Alkonost MaxFormat is a small utility which allows to format floppy disks to a maximum capacity. Very fast formatting as multi-tasking background operation. MaxFormat can also copy files to diskette after formatting, verify, make bootable and clear diskettes. Award winning. For organizations: ple...
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 Folder Cache Jan 12, 2004 133
Folder Cache lists the recently used folders in your computer's open/ save dialog windows. This program is for people who actively use computers and who often work with a large number of folders and documents.Each day most people use the same files and folders over and over again. Thousands of other...
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 ScanAndCopy Jan 11, 2004 131
ScanAndCopy is a program, which allows to copy needed files from the selected folder to another folders. When program copy files, the are sorted by needed types to other folders. For example all "avi" files placed in "avi" folder, all "jpg" files placed in folder with name "jpg" and etc. So, you...
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