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 Easy Splitter Jun 20, 2003 4856
Easy Splitter is a highly featured and ultra fast file splitter. It can help you backup your files or put large files into floppy disk. Easy Splitter will split any file, regardless of type (".zip", ".exe", etc.), size (no pesky 4.2 GB file size restrictions) or filename type (short or long fi...
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 Paragon CD-ROM Emulator 2.5 Personal version Jan 12, 2004 1601
This virtual CD-ROM machine creates virtual CD which is up to 100x faster! ISO Data CDs, DVD-ROMs (more than 4 Gb now!!!), Video CDs, Multisession CDs and Mixed Mode CDsare stored as compressed images on the hard drive. Paragon CD-ROM Emulator - creates compressed compact-disk images on the ha...
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 WinZip Jan 12, 2004 1560
Have you ever used the Internet, America Online, or CompuServe? If so, you've probably encountered Zip files. Are you a Windows user? If so, WinZip is the way to handle these archived files. WinZip brings the convenience of Windows to the use of Zip files and other compression formats. The optio...
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 AxMan Jan 12, 2004 912
AxMan 3.12 is a 32-bit windows application that will run under Win95/ 98/ Me/ NT 4.0/ 2000/ XP. It will split any file into pieces for any purpose that you may have. AxMan 3.12 can split multiple files at once and even zip and unzip them for you! It will split files so that they will fit onto flopp...
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 PowerArchiver 2003 Jan 12, 2004 879
PowerArchiver is the ultimate archive utility for Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® ME, Windows NT®, Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP. With a modern easy-to-use interface, PowerArchiver provides support for most compressed and encoded files, as well as access to many powerful features and tools....
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 Compressed Archive Checker Jan 12, 2004 738
Ensure your multi-volume file archives are complete and accurate! Compressed Archive Checker automatically checks a series of archive files to determine if archive members are missing from the sequence, have inconsistent byte sizes, or have bad CRC information. The CRC value comparison is done by ...
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 ZipZag Aug 23, 2004 710
ZipZag is an advanced archiver that handle Zip, 3ds, 7-Zip, Ace, Arc, Arj, B64, Bnskin, Bos, Bsz, Bz, Bz2, Bza, Cab, Cpio, Cpskin, Csc, Csk, Curexscheme, Curxptheme, Czip, Daf, Deb, Dps, Dwz, Dxpack, Dxtheme, Ear, Enc, Fat, Gca, Grs, Gz, Gza, Gzip, Hog, Hts, Hvd,...
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 7-Zip Jan 12, 2004 538
7-Zip is a file archiver with highest compression ratio....
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 UnZipper v3.0 Nov 19, 2002 500
Unzip v3.0 is an ActiveX control for extracting ZIP archives. It supports password protected archives, spanned archives, offers information on files included in archive, allows to extract only selected or all files, is able to re-create directories stored in ZIP file and shows extraction progres...
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 Batch Zip Toolkit Jan 12, 2004 480
Batch Zip Toolkit is an all-in-one file-compression package that allows you to compress and decompress files, individually or in batches (even with recurse). It supports a wide variety of popular archive formats, including ZIP, GZIP, LHA, LZH, ACE, and RAR. Batch Zip Toolkit also allows you t...
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