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 ThemeEngine Apr 20, 2004 518
ThemeEngine is an VCL library that allows you to change almost any aspect of the visual appearance your project's forms, menus and controls. ThemeEngine provides you application full themes support. ThemeEngine support new Windows XP? style and simulation for other Windows? platform....
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 MediaPack Apr 20, 2004 112
MediaPack contains about 70 advanced multimedia components and controls....
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 GraphicsWizard Jan 29, 2004 94
EasyGraphics is a program intended for fast and easy creation of professional looking graphics for web pages. You can create stylish buttons and headings. You can export to various graphics file formats. Why would you want EasyGraphics? EasyGraphics is necessary for everyone, who already has or wan...
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 FXLib Apr 20, 2004 84
FXLib is an easy-to-use set of components that enables you to create amazing splash screens, form and image transition effects, using all the power of its advanced rendering engine. Over 70 families of animation and transition effects with hundreds of variations. Real-time rendering. WYSIWYG edit...
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