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 SPAMfighter Pro Feb 2, 2018 6782
SPAMfighter Pro is a wonderful new utility for Outlook and Outlook Express for filtering your e-mails and removing spam from your Inbox. There exist lots of anti-spam filters using different strategies that still do not work! But SPAMfighter Pro is always on duty and always works! SPAMfighter harnes...
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 PostSmile Feb 1, 2014 2770
PostSmile is a wonderful program that will help you make your e-mails more emotional and sencere! Fill you messages with wonderful smilies and emoticons, express your ideas more clearly! PostSmile is capable of adding smiley faces to any e-mails, and works with almost all e-mail clients that can s...
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 eMail Bounce Handler Nov 25, 2013 1953
eMail Bounce Handler is able to process bounce messages from all kind of sources like your local files, both remote and local mailboxes, plain text drops and from the clipboard. In the case of remote access eMail Bounce Handler gives support for both the POP and the IMAP protocols, retrieving bou...
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 Pretty Animated Emoticons Feb 8, 2006 1085
Pretty Animated Emoticons is a popular software product to help you express emotions in e-mails and message board posts. Make your messages more emotionally explicit and sincere! Use these beautiful animated smileys and emoticons in you e-mail messages and postings! Insert these beautiful smileys in...
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 Fast Email Extractor Professional Mar 20, 2004 1004
Fast Email Extractor Professional is an industrial strength, fast and reliable way to get email addresses from the web . Specify key words of your search and the tool brings you hundreds of addresses from web sites found by the search engine. The tool has all major search engines pre-installed but ...
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 Advanced Maillist Verify Apr 2, 2013 929
Advanced Maillist Verify (AMV) is a great application for the verification of e-mail addresses in various databases, address books and different mailing lists. Advanced Maillist Verify (AMV) features user-friendly, open COM/ ActiveX and CGI/ ISAPI interface and can be easily integrated with almost...
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 The Bat! Mar 20, 2004 855
The Bat! is a powerful, highly configurable, yet easy to use email client. We've designed it especially to help you deal with your growing volume of emails as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving much of your precious time. Use all its powerful features at home or at the office to handle y...
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 Mailing List Deluxe Sep 10, 2011 826
Mailing List Deluxe is designed to create and support mailing lists for your clients and subscribers. The new version supports multi-part html messages with embedded images, combined text and html messages, has a WYSIWYG html message editor, can send custom attachment for each recipient. The Del...
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 eMail Extractor Mar 20, 2004 784
eMail extractor is a very powerful and reliable tool to recover your customers e-mail addresses from your mailbox or contact filail extractor is very fast, easy to use and multithreaded. eMail extractor retrieves absolutely all valid e-mail addresses from your files and generates an output file wit...
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 POPcon Mar 20, 2004 760
POPcon connects your POP3 mailboxes to your MS Exchange Server?. POPcon download the emails from POP3 mailboxes and distributes them to exchange mailboxes according to the recipient information found in the mail headers. The software is compatible to Exchange Server 5.5 and Exchange 2000 Server vers...
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