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 Prayers for the Temple Within Feb 29, 2004 93
Imagistic, metaphysical poetic prayers and images combine to create an inspirational, spiritual experience for readers and audiences. Non-denominational and non-sectarian, the poetic prayers in this chapbook collection have been read from Protestant and Pentecostal pulpits with equal appreciation...
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 Electronic Story Collection Feb 29, 2004 93
Dennis Hickey has assembled a collection of amusing and inspirational stories and poems, gleaned from his e-mail correspondence with friends, relatives and even strangers.Some stories are for mature audience although they are not indecent by any means....
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 Mind Graph Ebook Feb 29, 2004 92
Mind Graph is a graphic language to solve problems (math problems, programming problems, study problems?). Mind Graph Ebook explains in depth the characteristic and possibilities of this graphic language. It's a powerful technique for note taking, brainstorming, memorization, problem solving? I...
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 Illustrated Book of Trees II Feb 29, 2004 91
An illustrated collection of poems. Written in imagistic style, the poems are both metaphysical and descriptive of trees and leaves and are photographically illustrated by the author, a former photojournalist and editor (as well as a published poet). This e-book will let you discover an other worl...
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 Street$marts for Drivers 101 Mar 27, 2003 91
After your order has been approved, you will receive by email the unlocking code to paste in the registration box. Please, make sure that you are registering from the computer on which you will use the ebook. E-dition reserves the right to generate no more than 3 unlocking code in case of loss. ...
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 Disasters of the Deadly Nature Feb 29, 2004 90
Disasters of the Deadly Nature is controversial, filled with information on the deadliest disasters known to man including the Oklahoma bombing. Was Timothy McVeigh just a scapegoat for a government sting operation gone bad? Or the fact a comet or asteroid / earth impac1t is more a reality than ma...
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 DoLit CHM2LIT Sep 11, 2004 87
DoLit CHM2LIT is a powerfull program, and tool, which allows you to convert Windows Help files (*.chm) into Microsoft Reader Files (*.lit). It uses a wizard type interface making it easy to use for both the novice and experienced personal computer user. It allows you to set information about the...
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 Chronicles of Whiteshadow Isle Feb 29, 2004 86
Prince Shawn of Whiteshadow Isle had always led a sheltered life. His father, King Luke, and stepfather, King Brett, had always tried to make sure that when he took over the throne of Whiteshadow Isle, he was unaffected by the "commoner" world around him. On his fifteenth birthday, in keeping ...
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 Casey A Feb 29, 2004 84
She's different and they know. They need her but will she accept her role. To have your life foretold in a prophecy is hard to accept. To discover that you're not completly human is even harder. To have people look up to her as the second Mary is unbearable. All life forms remaining on this planet w...
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 Aquatar%27s Fables for Macintosh Feb 29, 2004 82
Colorful and fun storybook with modern fables in the tradition of Aesop. Complete with colorful illustrations and "morals to the story"....
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