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 Of Dreams Feb 28, 2004 104
Angie has maintained #1 expert status for over a month at AskMe.com in a crowd of 211 other experts. There are many books on the market that described dreams in a language only scholars can understand. Or the steps are too complicated to figure out for the average person. When books place names such...
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 Book of God%27s Dreams Feb 28, 2004 104
A collection of poems originally written in Hebrew and translated in English by the author. Reading poetry is a very private experience. Poetry calls upon feelings, life, religious beliefs, social conventions, etc. The reading is influenced by the mood of the moment, the music you are listening...
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 Voices in the Abyss Feb 28, 2004 103
Summer 2000: A young marine engineer, David Nichols, in a team of marine engineers intending to explore the Titanic wreck with revolutionary new ultra-deep liquid-oxygen technology, experiences startling visions of living passengers and crew on board an intact ship. He keeps the incidents to hims...
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 The Quest Feb 29, 2004 101
Kevin Thomas searches for the missing Sword of his father After your order has been approved, you will receive by email the unlocking code to paste in the registration box. Please, make sure that you are registering from the computer on which you will use the ebook. E-dition reserves the right to...
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 Indiebook! Feb 29, 2004 100
Indiebook!Be a best selling E-novelist with Indiebook! Stop giving away the profits from your hard work! Use the Power of the Internet to your advantage! Indiebook! makes it easy to import your text file into a protected file that only you can unlock when your customer has paid for your book. Featu...
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 Cyber-blood Feb 29, 2004 98
When David meets the woman of his dreams in a Bondage and Dominance Chat room, he doesn't know how right he is. As his encounters on-line become more and more intense, his dreams become more and more horrific. His nightmares soon manifest into real life as a trail of blood and death splash across ...
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 Mythologie Grecque Feb 29, 2004 96
You will receive your activation code within 48 hours after your purchase has been authorized by your card issuer.Please, take note that the code works only on the computer from which you placed the order. It will not work on an other computer....
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 Leapin%27 Leon, Rodeo Bronc Feb 28, 2004 96
"Leapin' Leon, Rodeo Bronc" is the story of a handsome bay horse that everyone wanted, but no one could ride. Born on one of the finest horse farms in the country, the championship-bred colt slides from one owner to another as the best trainers try to convince him to quit bucking. Finally, the b...
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 Awakening Feb 29, 2004 95
A work of fiction in the genre of horror. A long dormant creature awakens in the depths of a small lake to wreak terror and violence on a small town. A spellbinding tale of eroticism and horror....
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 Ambrose Bierce Selected Works Feb 29, 2004 95
This ebook contains selected works by Ambrose G. Bierce and the well known Devil's Dictionary. Most of the stories, fables and other works are hyperlinked to the dictionary as I felt that it would be nice to know the meaning Bierce gave to some words to understand his cynicism and strange sense of ...
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