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 FlashScreens Feb 28, 2004 69
FlashScreens is a "virtual screens" manager. The program allows you to have a slew of programs open at one time without cluttering up your desktop or the taskbar. You can specify a screen for your word processing tasks, programming tasks, internet browsing, so on and so forth. Whatever window is ...
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 Elbow Grease for Windows (CD-ROM) Feb 28, 2004 68
The Ultimate, Easy to Use, Desktop Enhancement. Features 40 launch button toolbar with large buttons, resource monitors for memory and disk space, clock, perpetual calendar to the year 9000, appointment book and a to-do list. It can even replace Program Manager in Windows 3.1, and is the idea...
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 GTI Desktop+ Feb 28, 2004 66
GTI Desktop+ V2.0 is a set of integrated desktop utilities for MS Windows which complement many of the desktop features built into Windows 95/ NT....
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 Desk Switcher Feb 28, 2004 65
Give yourself more room on your 2K/ XP desktop with this handy desktop manager. Switch instantly between desktops with simple key strokes or use the mouse. Never run out of desktop space again!...
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 1stThere Mar 29, 2002 57
1st There is a Desktop Bookmark assistant. It allows the user at the click of a button to browse through any of their Bookmarks and then Navigate to a selected Web page. Benefits Quickly Browse and Navigate Bookmarks at the click of a button No need to application switch to Web Browser when you w...
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 101 Clips Pro Aug 18, 2004 55
101 Clips is the perfect solution to storing, retrieving and using the information on your PC. 101 Clips is actually a searchable data base of over 300, 000 items. There are two major differences between 101 Clips and other data base systems. 1. You don't need to type information into 101 Clips ...
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 Cosmic Scenes Sep 17, 2004 48
You are now just moments away from owningCosmic Scenes !Beautify your desktop with this stunning Cosmic wallpaper generator. Every day, hour, or less, Cosmic Scenes will create a beautiful and original 3D Cosmic image and install it as your desktop wallpaper. You can configure the visual aspects ...
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 M8 Multi Clipboard Sep 17, 2004 43
M8 multi clipboard captures everything that you cut or copy from any program. It also captures all screen shots and web graphics. The last 30 clips or screen shots are shown in its clipboard area. Move the mouse over the clips and you see them in the viewer. If the clip is text, you see the f...
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 Stylish Clock Jun 29, 2002 24
Stylish Clock is a wonderful analog desktop clock. This beautiful clock with 8 stylish skins, which includes reminder and time synchronization. This wonderful application automatically runs every time you start your PC so no need to search for this program in your computer programs. But at the same...
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 Captain Tray Pro Mar 11, 2006 19
Captain Tray Pro is a new simple yet powerful tool for your System tray management. Captain Tray Pro will help you deal with multiple windows opened on your desktop, such as Notepad, Calculator, MS Word, MS Excel, and other your favorite applications. Now you can work faster ans safer with Capt...
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