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 Custom Popup Feb 28, 2004 79
Types Popup is a quality solution for users who wish to adjust Microsoft Windows popup menus. These menus are summoned by right-clicking on your desktop or on any file in Windows Explorer.You can remove unused items and add your own. For example: you can add "HTML document" to "New" menu if you are ...
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 Gerico V3.0 Feb 28, 2004 78
Gerico : Restore your desktop with simple Clic! With Gerico, each User has it's private Desktop : Just position your icons, select color and wallpaper, then save your Desktop. That's it ! Restore with a simple clic or automatically at start. Password protects each users's Desktop. No more headac...
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 1st QuickLaunch Pro Feb 28, 2004 74
1st QuickLaunch Light helps you to define keyboard shortcuts for launching your favorite applications. You can create shortcuts to system folders such as My Computer, Control Panel, Printers, and more. You can also open a small drop basket to drag and drop new applications without hiding the desk...
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 Full Screen Feb 28, 2004 74
Today's applications usually have a complicated screen layout with a number of child windows and cause the screen space become "real estate". An "application window" regularly contains some "secondary windows" such as toolbars, status bars, scroll bars... and some "primary windows" such as documen...
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 Toolbar Doubler for Word 6 Only Feb 28, 2004 71
The only way to save precious desktop space in Word! A true time and space saver! Allows two Word toolbars to occupy the space of one. Just press a button and watch as a second toolbar replaces the first -- like magic!...
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 Desktop Notes Feb 28, 2004 70
Desktop Notes is a program that will allow you to post notes on your Windows desktop. These notes won't intefere with your other activities on your PC cause they stick to the desktop. The fact that you can use various pictures as a background and special fonts that are supplied along with the progra...
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 MaxMonkey Jan 12, 2011 69
Maximonk your windows with the MaxMonkey multiple window management tool. MaxMonkey can automatically maximize, minimize or restore windows with one easy left click or double click from the system tray. You can configure MaxMonkey to target all windows or to only target windows that match certain p...
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 chgdate Feb 28, 2004 69
By default the Explorer in Windows 9x displays a 2 digit year. While not required for y2k, perception is important. chgdate changes explorer's display from a 2 digit year to a 4 digit year. chgdate will work regardless of the localization....
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 X_Rule Feb 28, 2004 69
Designed in a XP Style Theme, X_Rule takes screen measurements of any object in Pixels, Points, Characters, Inches, Millimeters, Centimeters and Twips. Includes a Color Spy utility that captures the value of any color the mouse is over in Decimal, Hex, RGB, Visual Basic and Quick Basic as ...
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 NookNak Feb 28, 2004 69
This allows your mouse to: activate your screen saver and deactivate it temporarily or long term, temporarily or permanently mute the PC and start your favorite program. It also allows muting when you activate your screen saver. Plus it can display time, day and date information on your active app...
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