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 DMedia Extra Feb 28, 2004 100
DMedia Xtra makes use of the modern DirectX technologies which are now evolving rapidly under Microsoft Windows. To learn more about DirectX and Windows Media technologies, look at the Microsoft Web site. The main purpose of our job was to write a DLL to mix several media sources for further synchr...
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 UltraZip Feb 28, 2004 97
UltraZip provides a unique, yet familiar interface for working with zip files. The contents of a zip file are displayed in a Windows Explorer style view, which makes browsing for and extracting files far easier than the traditional methods of display. The UltraZip interface is highly customizable,...
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 Maple Tree DesktopPlant Feb 28, 2004 95
The Maple Tree grows best in a temperate climate, so put it in a bright but not too warm place. It is undemanding and satisfied with a medium level of moisture. The optimum amount of fertilizer lies somewhere in the lower half of the range. During the first weeks, the plant grows very fast and you...
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 Colour Picker Feb 28, 2004 95
The only Color picker control you will ever need. The Innovasys Color Picker Control adds a variety of different Color picking methods and interface styles to your control toolbox, ranging from drop down palettes to the new hexagon style picker similar to that employed in Microsoft Frontpage 2000....
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 BigIconClock Feb 28, 2004 95
BigIconClock displays an analog clock as an icon in the system tray of the taskbar. The time can be easily read by the distinctive colors or the hour, minute, second hands. The morning and evening time are distinguished by different clock background colors (selectable), for example, yellow for ...
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 Cool Desk Feb 28, 2004 93
Ever wished you had several screens on you desktop? Cool Desk is a virtual desktop manager which will create up to 9 virtual desktops allowing you to have different windows open on each of them. The desktop manager window has a skinnable interface and allows you to switch from one desktop to another...
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 YoMoma Windows Color Picker Feb 28, 2004 92
Version 2.2 just out! - with New features, including Zoomies: blocks of pure color that can be used in a variety of ways to improve your color scheme judgements (and to doodle with!). New Web Preview screens, Hover link option, new color scheme manager, HTML tag and CSS code generation box; new ...
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 II_WorldTimeClocks Feb 28, 2004 92
Get an overview of time in different countries. Analog and digital style, different clock style and colors. Automatic adjustment and graphic display of Daylight Time Saving for every country and city. Date change and time can be displayed for every time zone. Display of city name, a.m./ p.m. time...
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 Absolute ScreenSaver Changer Feb 22, 2004 90
A new screensaver every time you look at the screen! This Smart Changer will let you play all your screen savers in a slide show, and manage them all from one place. No need to configure Windows every time you want a little change. Now you can access Changer directly through the Taskbar mini-icon....
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 Desktop Studio Feb 28, 2004 90
Desktop Studio is most featured desktop-changing utility on the WEB. It can change almost all of your Windows visual and sounds components such as Wallpaper, logos (Win95), logon screen (WinXP), sounds, screen saver, themes (Win9x). You can automatically download new items from this web-site. A...
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