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 SelectEx Feb 28, 2004 127
SelectEx is Windows shell extension that expands Explorer's, Open and Save as dialog box's file selection capabilities. SelectEx is installed into Windows Explorer's popup menu, so you can access it by just one mouse click....
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 Deskman Feb 28, 2004 120
We're glad to present you with version 5 of Deskman, featuring new options, an improved interface, and many other features for increased security, productivity and simplicity. Standard and Professional Edition available....
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 Clear Desktop Feb 28, 2004 118
Hide or show all your desktop icons with the click of a button instantly without restarting your computer. Right click access from the start button to hide or show icons without opening the main program window. Change the registered owner/ organization. Update includes option to hide Icons for a...
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 Roll Bar Jul 20, 2003 117
Roll Bar is actually very easy to use. There are 44 program links on nine toolbars. All nine toolbars will roll up into the title bar of the current window and roll down when needed. The 'My Programs' toolbar allows you to add five of your favorite programs to your own toolbar. You can move the ...
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 Elegant Clock Feb 28, 2004 115
Elegant Clock is a good-looking analog clock with skin support....
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 Flying Toolbars Feb 28, 2004 111
Flying Toolbars is a display enhancement to Netscape Navigator. Its toolbar replaces Navigator's. But Flying Toolbars automatically hides itself when it's not being used! It remains hidden until you move the mouse pointer to the top or bottom edge of the screen. The result is a major increase in you...
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 Desktop Reflections Feb 28, 2004 111
Desktop Reflections is the most powerful and versatile Windows wallpaper management tool available. Automated schemes, calendars and sounds bring your desktop alive....
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 Clipboard Genie Aug 16, 2004 111
Clipboard Genie 3.5 is a very useful utility. Everything that is copied into Windows Clipboard is saved into Clipboard Genie. Text and Graphics. To retrieve it, simply click on the text or graphic in the list box. It is copied to the Windows Clipboard where you can paste it into other windows appli...
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 ZMover Feb 28, 2004 110
ZMover gives you control of your desktop layout by allowing you to set the size, position, state, and layering of application windows. You can define window positions on-the-fly or give ZMover a list of windows to remember. When these windows appear, ZMover will automatically arrange them for yo...
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 Macromedia Flash Interface Improver Feb 28, 2004 110
The most common interface problem of "big" programs, that have a huge amount of great functions is interface "overweightness". There are so much toolbars, palettes and other "secondary windows"... If you have all them visible, you are able to use only a small part of the screen for designing. To ...
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