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 Virtual Stopwatch Pro Feb 28, 2004 289
Virtual Stopwatch is a multi-function clock program. It runs in Stopwatch, Timer, and Clock Mode. The display is completely configurable. You can use Digit Definition Files or fonts to display the time in text mode. You can also display the time in analog mode. Virtual Stopwatch contains a fu...
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 Desktop Manager Feb 28, 2004 245
To those who have many beautiful pictures and exciting screen savers and who can't decide which one to set onto Windows desktop Stop your hesitations. Set them all ! Use Desktop Manager Desktop Manager features Automatic wallpaper changer Automatic screen saver changer Storing images in ...
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 Qlock Feb 28, 2004 190
Qlock is a powerful World Clock for Windows 9x / 2000 / NT. Qlock is designed to be simple, small, stylish yet still retain all the features you'd expect from a World Clock. Features include - Choose locations from over 500 cities Worldwide; Multiple, dockable Clock faces; Custom Skins in mult...
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 Cactus DesktopPlant Feb 28, 2004 173
This revolutionary program brings life to your desktop. Plants grow directly on your desktop and need your care just like real plants!...
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 Bikini3D Aug 19, 2004 171
The most beautiful virtual babes ever created, dancing in their bikinis just for you. Play mp3 songs or playlists right from inside the Bikini3D dance club while you watch your favorite girl dance. Pulsating lights, laser graphics, projector displays, and neon accents bring the club to life. ...
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 Desktop Goodies Feb 28, 2004 165
Desktop Goodies is a program that gives you 6 essential desktop utilities, as well as many other features to speed up the way you work. It has been featured in magazines and added to shareware sample CDs. Try it out for free. Desktop Goodies starts up with your computer for quicker access. It will ...
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 Optimum Desktop Feb 28, 2004 160
Do You want to upgrade the performance of your Windows desktop? Do You want to add a unique graphic possibilities? Do You want Desktop to become not only a beautiful graphic shell but also full-fledged program with broad usage of your computer possibilities. Then Optimum Desktop program is for You! ...
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 Speaking Clock Deluxe Feb 28, 2004 157
Speaking Clock Deluxe is a shareware program that not only turns your computer into a speaking clock with several languages - it can also keep track of up to 50 alarms that can be set to a time and a date, and be repeated daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The interface is all-graphical with a sc...
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 Windows View Randomizer Feb 28, 2004 155
Windows View Randomizer is software that automatically changes different elements of Windows appearance in a random order adding a variety to how your Windows looks. Windows View Randomizer changes: Desktop Wallpaper Colors of Windows Appearance Screen Savers (every time Windows View Randomize...
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 BuyPin ColorFolders Feb 28, 2004 153
ColorFolders allows you to change the icon of any normal folder in Windows. Just select the folder whose icon should be modified, then one of the six preset foldericons or a custom icon you created yourself. This way you can better organize your harddisk, by assigning a certain color to a group of...
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