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 eyeBeam for Windows Jan 4, 2008 13927
CounterPath's eyeBeam 1.5 a multimedia communicator designed to enhance the user's communications experience in Voice over IP. Whether you are a consumer or Small Office/ Home Office (SOHO) user, eyeBeam allows you to stay connected and manage your calls and availability with a comprehens...
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 Eclipse Fader for AOL Mar 18, 2004 5371
The Eclipse Fader is a fun and easy to use AOL add-on tool to enhance your America Online chatting experience! Fading is described as the blending of many colors to create a "gradient" effect with your text. Eclipse Fader for AOL gives you the power to automatically fade your text in any AOL chat ro...
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 TrueTTY Aug 16, 2014 1314
The mode of automatic transceiver frequency control can be switched on at the "Setup / Tuning" page. In this mode transceiver radio frequency is changed to consist RX frequency to TX frequency. Auto-tuning is made after click on spectrogram or ruler below. Tuning can be made by RIT or by VFO accor...
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 LAN Chat Enterprise Mar 18, 2004 593
The program LAN Chat Enterprise is designed to support exchanging messages in the regime of real time in a small office, in an educational institution, in general in any office with local networks. This unique software affords an opportunity for users of the local networks to communicate easily. ...
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 PC-Telephone Mar 18, 2004 489
PC-TelephoneŽ is a powerful communications software application that enables you to exploit the full communications potential of the Internet and public telephone networks ISDN/ PSTN. PC-Telephone turns your computer into Internet telephone, ISDN telephone, fax machine, answer phone, voicemail c...
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 Atomic SMS Messenger Nov 19, 2002 422
SMS Messenger is an easy-to-use, small, fast and effective program for sending SMS to cellular phones from your computer. Run it, simply select your country (more than 90 countries supported), your cellular operator (more than 240 operators worldwide), enter phone number and type message text. ...
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 Phone Dialer Pro Mar 18, 2004 369
Phone Dialer Pro is designed as a substitute for the Windows95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000 phone dialer. It is the ultimate dialer which comes with great features, such as different users profiles, speed dials, extended address book capacity, automatic redialing if the phone line is busy and the ability t...
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 Network Assistant Mar 18, 2004 296
Network Assistant is a multiple-mode user-friendly network communication utility, including real-time chat, shared whiteboard, and instant messaging. It is intended to be used in small office or home office (SOHO) local networks. Network Assistant does not require an Internet connection or a dedi...
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 CallTTY TDD software Nov 17, 2011 293
Take to attention that connecting home-made devices to phone line may be prohibited by law in your country. To avoid law violation you can use speaker and microphone mechanically connected to phone handset. The choice of a signal source (line in or microphone input) and record and output levels are...
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 CuentaPasos Nov 19, 2002 215
Control de gasto telefonico (Internet, BBS, Voz, Fax - Incluye tarifas de muchos paises. EXCELENTE - Recomendado por PCWORLD...
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