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 Paypal Flash Button Enhancer Aug 6, 2004 193
This program creates the code the Flash buttons being sold across the internet use to inform Paypal of the products information. The added bonus is that it supplies the code necessary for all the options that Paypal offers such as a cancel page, changing the color of the page to black instead of ...
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 AuctionBrowser Aug 6, 2004 125
Quickly search 4 auction sites for items that you are looking for. All you have to do is type in the item that you are looking for and it searches ebay, yahoo, bidbay and amazon's auctions for it. It opens up multiple frames for each auction site that reveals the results....
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 Comic Book Millennium Feb 29, 2004 83
This program tracks a comic book collection. You can add a single issue or a run. In addition to those, you can add a run that has up to five breaks. For instance, you might own Superman 1-11, 13-16, 19-22, 30-32, and 35-120. Most programs you would have to enter the basic information five tim...
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 Movie Bibliotheca Feb 29, 2004 74
Movie Bibliotheca will allow you to keep an inventory of your movie collection. It keeps track of the title, stars, the characters played, the year, length, your rating, and the tape that the movie is on. You can also print labels for your tapes so you don't have to write out the labels. In ...
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