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 Voice Changer Software AV VCS Aug 28, 2015 84855
With AV Voice Changer Software though, you can create and the nickvoices, either male or female, that match your nicknames. Turn the chat rooms into the voice masquerades! More fun, more entertainment experiences. Feel free to download Voice Changer to your computer and try out this unique voice...
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 Softros LAN Messenger Aug 20, 2018 7341
If you or your company experience any communication problems, you'd better implement some network messaging solution. Softros Systems developed LAN Messenger-a perfect application for instant and effective communication. Softros LAN Messenger is easy to install and very convenient to use, it ...
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 IM Chat Talker Mar 17, 2004 2571
IM Chat Talker enhances instant messaging by providing text-to-speech capabilities. It's designed to be used with the world's most popular IM software. IM Chat Talker works with AOL 7.0 Client, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger Service, Yahoo! Messenger, Netscape Messenger, ICQ, and now Od...
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 OMessenger Mar 23, 2014 1378
Outlook LAN Messenger is a Concept LAN chat for interactive communication within Office network. It features text chat, voice chat, group chat, send file, various reminders, alert note and a great number of other functions. Outlook LAN Messenger software can be integrated into MS Outlook, enab...
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 MSN Spy Monitor 2011 Mar 9, 2011 1075
Best MSN instant messenger version 6.X-7.X chatting spying software. It records MSN conversations automatically. All intercepted messages can be saved as HTML files for later processing and analyzing. Complete INVISIBLE to computer users - No trace in Add/ Remove Programs, Start menu, Applications...
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 AV VCS Gold Aug 9, 2004 1064
Keep your privacy and have fun by changing your voice to another voice. Record, capture all streaming audio, mic input, line-in input in real time. Add, mix funny effects to your voice . You can change your voice to male, female, teen, baby voice. Compatible with most voice chat clients as w...
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 Yahoo MassIM Nov 19, 2002 1031
Yahoo MassIM is designed to send a message to large amounts of recipients using Yahoo Messenger 5.0. Advanced list management allows you to avoid sending a message to the same user twice, and two Yahoo ID collecting utilities allows you to compile lists of Yahoo IDs either from chatrooms or from Ya...
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 .IRC Nov 19, 2002 832
Full Featured .NET IRC Client...
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 MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer Nov 19, 2014 821
MorphVOX - Voice Changer is a brand new voice changing software for the Internet chats and online games that lets you completely change your voice to match your hero! Have fun trying hundreds of various voices and disguise your age, gender or identity! MorphVOX software application was intentionall...
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 InVdoChat Dec 12, 2005 813
InVdoChat is video conference software that allows you easily communicate online with friends and family around the world over the Internet. Communicate face-to-face online with InVdoChat. The program also includes the public directories, where you can find friends, family or other InVdoChat users...
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