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 Net Gin Rummy Feb 16, 2004 224
Net Gin Rummy lets you play Simple, Standard or Oklahoma variations of this popular card game. You can play against the built-in computer opponent or/ and against a human opponent through the Internet or a LAN. Net Gin Rummy provides you with two game table tabs that easy to change: you will be abl...
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 Net Spades Feb 17, 2004 218
Net Spades lets you play trick card game widely played in the U.S., in which spades are always considered trumps, against computer or live opponents. Cards are attractive and digital sound effects add to the fun. Options let you play to 500 or 800 points and choose the first trick rule and there i...
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 Black Jack Feb 17, 2004 217
A fun and easy to play classic Blackjack card game. New Features Newly Designed User Interface Customizable User Interface Double Down / Buy Insurance New definable card backs Adult card backs available in the Adult version...
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 Ancient Ivory Feb 17, 2004 217
Ancient Ivory V4.0 is one of the most addicting dice games of strategy and luck, featuring an intuitive interface, your choice of three different graphical interfaces (click on a thumbnail graphic below to view the full screenshot), realistic animation and sound effects, and music, with an opti...
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 Draw5 Feb 16, 2004 215
Animated cards, a real human voice and visual prompts for hand values, sounds and animation can be turned off!, high score logging. Like all previous versions Draw 5 can be played with the keyboard or the mouse....
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 Patience Feb 16, 2004 213
There are a lot of solitaire games on the market today. Variety is great. It is difficult to decide which one is better. A pack of twenty one at about the same price surely must be the best. Arsenal Incorporated proudly presents a new selection of ever-popular solitaires. Twenty-one games in one pac...
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 slot_space Aug 26, 2004 213
Slot_Space is a 5 reel X 20 line video slot (poker machine). Play from 1 to 20 lines at bets of 1 to 20. Ability to save up to 5 different games (registered version only). Doubleup feature (registered version only). Access to quick credit (registered version only). Any 3 Globes in the window will ...
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 Pretty Good MahJongg Feb 17, 2004 213
Pretty Good MahJongg is an addictive new MahJongg solitaire game that features the classic MahJongg tile matching solitaire game, where tiles are removed in pairs. It also features original new MahJongg solitaire games such as MahJongg Spider, MahJongg Klondike, and MahJongg FreeCell. 30 day m...
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 Una Cards! Sep 22, 2004 213
Una Cards! is a card game that is similar like the world's famous UNO card game. Una Cards lets you play against three (3) computer opponent players that have true AI (Artificial Intelligence) game strategy; it seems like playing with real human! Play it now, and have fun!...
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 BVS Solitaire Collection Nov 20, 2005 212
BVS Solitaire Collection is an award-winning collection of 395 solitaire card games and it includes a lot of original variations you won't find elsewhere. It features more than 90 card games e.g. Spider Solitaire, Klondike, FreeCell, Carpet, Forty Thieves, Monte Carlo, Russian Solitaire, ...
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