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 3D Poker Bandit Feb 17, 2004 128
This program is a clone of a real Poker gambler machine with 3D graphics, found at german casinos.! Like on the real machine you play Poker. Depends on your ranking hand you will get different winnings which can be risked on a risk-ladder. The Sounds are like the orginal machines! A lot of feature...
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 Net_scopa Feb 17, 2004 125
Net_Scopa is one of the new multimedia card-games of the series. You can play having your Computer as opponent, or another player on local network, or connecting via modem to friends in remote resorts. Easy in the conception, it well lends to be utilized both by children and boys and adults, ...
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 Amateur%27s S. Poker - registered version Feb 17, 2004 111
New version of the great poker videogame. You play against the computer and try to win a lot of (virtual) money. This complete version has a better Artificial intelligence and do not stop to work until you won the game....
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 Lucky Duck Lottery Assistant Feb 17, 2004 109
Lucky Duck is a windows 95/ 98 user configurabe lottery database, bet generator. It's user friendly interface allows you to configure the assorted perameters to you liking. This is NOT another random number generator! It's bet generator is based on real world probabilities and past drawing history....
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 slots_gowest Aug 26, 2004 108
Slots_GoWest is a 243 Payline X 5 Reel Slot with a western theme. Less than 243 Lines can be played if desired with some of the symbols being hatched out. A total of 500 coins can be played for each spin.With 243 PayLines there are naturally a lot of pays. There is a wildcard on reels 2, 3, and...
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 PokerFun Feb 17, 2004 105
In PokerFun you play 5 card draw poker against George, Bill and Tony. Any resemblance between these names and Presidents and Prime Ministers is purely intentional. Perhaps the way they play reflects their characters. Statistics are kept on how much in total you win or lose over any number of games...
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 $trike It - Lotto! Feb 17, 2004 104
Lottery games are random but patterns can still be observed from the balls that are randomly drawn for different periods of time. $trike It - Lotto! is a cool, powerful and comprehensive lottery software that allows you to scrutinize the various statistical and graphical analysis and to identify th...
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 Solitaire Plus! Feb 17, 2004 104
Solitaire Plus! is a shareware update to the popular Free Solitaire game. Solitaire Plus! contains all the great features of Free Solitaire and more, without the advertisements. The game includes 30 of the most popular solitaire variations including the Klondike and FreeCell favorites, as well as ...
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 RummyFun Feb 17, 2004 103
Rummy, quite rightly, is one of the most popular card games in the world. This is Rummy in its simplest form and is great fun. You play George, the computer, for a cent a point. George is not so stupid and he will do his best to get your cents in his pocket. Neat cards and graphics with statisti...
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 Paragon Blackjack Feb 17, 2004 102
Not just an entertaining and popular casino card game - this package was originally developed for the book 'Winning At Blackjack Without Card Counting'. Learn how you could easily beat the casino without the risks or knowledge involved with card counting....
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