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 Napoleon Feb 17, 2004 180
The prince of solitaires with neapolitan cards. For incite the concentration. Playing fair you must study the winning moves. Three tries, no more, for rearrange the cards. If strategies are wrong nothing remains but to reflect on your's own errors. Either on the altar or in the dust.... All 40 car...
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 Mister Black Jack Apr 28, 2005 180
Play famous Black Jack card game here and now with Mr. Black Jack! This easy-to-start yet highly addictive game has the fans all over the world and gains more and more popularity! Now you've got a wonderful chance to begin playing Mr. Black Jack right now. Deal and stand, double and hit andno ...
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 Net Poker Feb 17, 2004 180
Net Poker lets you play the classic card game against computer or live opponents. Cards are attractive and digital sound effects add to the fun. Options let you choose one hand cash ($100, $150, $300 or $500); pick from six card designs; choose from three animation speed settings; and much more......
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 BigPatience Feb 17, 2004 173
BigPatience is a collection of 40 solitaire card games ranging from simple to very hard, from popular to very rare. Additional features: customizing the solitaires rules, undo, restarting the game, saving unfinished games, automatic finishing of the game practically solved; selectable decks and...
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 FreeCell Wizard Dec 6, 2005 171
FreeCell Wizard is a game collection containing popular FreeCell game and 15 other FreeCell variations. No matter whether you are a skilful card-player or just an amateur, you will definitely like these addicting games! FreeCell game rules are the same as of the game that comes with Windows pack, ...
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 dSlots Feb 17, 2004 165
Are you ready for a fun and easy to play slot machine game that has great graphic's? Well, dSlots is here and waiting for you to play! We have a simple slot machine game that allows you to concentrate on playing (and winning) not on which button you need to press and when! Unlike other slot machine...
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 Card Master Aug 20, 2004 163
Card Master is a fun collection of many different card games including Bezique, Durok, Euchre, Fantan, Funny Game, German Whist, Knaves, Oh Hell, Skat, Spades, Tablanette, and War. The following bonus games are available on the registered version: Arlington, Comet, Exacta, Klabberj...
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 Cribbage Champion Feb 17, 2004 160
Cribbage Champion has the look and feel of playing cribbage with your very own friends or in competition. Match your skills against your opponents as you try to win as many trophies as you can. Prepare to become addicted to this great game of Cribbage Champion, a game of endless hours of entertain...
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 Let It Ride Feb 17, 2004 159
Let It Ride records your bets on NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, SOCCER, college football and basketball games. Choose your teams from drop-down lists and record your bets, including parleys, teases, over/ unders both against the spread and money line bets. You can keep multiple accounts to track your w...
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 Lottery Feb 17, 2004 154
The program Lottery is intended for the players of a popular lottery "SPORTS FORECAST". The lottery represents process of guessing of results of sports matches, which are published in a seal. Results are published as the table consisting of 13 (or 16) positions number of a match, 1 - prize, 2 - l...
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