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 DateTray Feb 25, 2004 440
DateTray is designed to show todays date in your system tray. Instantly see today's date at anytime! By clicking on the date in the system tray it will display a calendar on your screen and allow you to search forwards and backwards to display any date you require....
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 Calendar Wizard Apr 13, 2004 414
Calendar Wizard tool is used for creation of custom calendars. The created calendars can be as complex as you want to. Lets you to: create multi-lingual calendars for month or year; make the months alignment variable; choose type of a month's representation; pick and note any dates; use any color st...
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 NudgeMe Aug 5, 2004 127
For many years I have been looking for an effective reminder program that was not too expensive and did exactly what I wanted, which was give me a sharp nudge when I forgot something. To no avail. I found most programs of this type either too expensive, did many things I did not want, were far t...
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