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 T-Minus: Countdown Clock and Timer Feb 25, 2004 5676
We are very proud of our T-Minus Software. T-Minus was Marco Software's first software title, and it continues to sell very well. T-minus was first produced to allow companies remind their employees about the Millennium problems that where approaching. Ontario Hydro were the first to purchase T-Mi...
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 Calendar for Excel Feb 8, 2006 5199
Drowned in numerous calendars, planners and PIMs on your computer? Now you?ve got the unique complex solution! Calendar for Excel by BaRaN Systems is a Microsoft Excel add-in made to create a wide range of calendars and planners. The program generates a variety of spreadsheets: Calendars, Weekly P...
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 Power Notes Nov 25, 2014 2392
If you need a feature-rich reminder, scheduler and organizer for a wide variety of planning purposes, consider Power Notes software! The program enables you to create electronic stickers and display them when the time is due. The software possesses all possible features of the planner and is very ...
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 CountDown Feb 25, 2004 1848
CountDown has 4 different individual types of timers that counts down for your specified task. There are 2 different versions you can use. The first version includes only the 4 CountDown timers. The second version is included in the Desktop Goodies package. The New CountDown and CountUp timers have ...
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 Art Plus EasyNoter PRO Feb 8, 2006 1636
Want to keep all your contacts and notes at one place? Still haven?t found the personal information manager (PIM) that will work for you and not against you? Art Plus EasyNoter Pro is the tool you are looking for! EasyNoter Pro is a top rated easy-to-use PIM, powerful and flexible, simple to use a...
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 Active Desktop Calendar Feb 25, 2004 1172
Active Desktop Calendar is a basic, easy-to-use personal information manager. The basic idea standing behind this program is very simple. In our 3D world, logical place for a calendar is hanging on the wall, or sitting somewhere on top of the desk. Active Desktop Calendar is aiming right in that ...
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 DeskMate 2.1.5 Feb 25, 2004 747
DeskMate is your personal desktop assistant, ready to keep track of your daily tasks and make more efficient use of your time. The application has been created with an emphasis on simplicity of use, and economy of desktop space....
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 Nailsoft Alarm Clock Feb 25, 2004 724
Nailsoft Alarm Clock is a simple PC alarm clock with many great features. It has six separate alarm's that you can set. It will play your custom music files (MP3, WAV, MID, etc.) Ideal for anyone who keeps their PC Running all the time....
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 IDEAL Calendar Feb 25, 2004 632
IDEAL Calendar allows the user to insert an unlimited amount of occasions. The program displays a dialog and plays a sound on the occasions the user specifies. IDEAL Calendar runs in the system tray and contains many features. Occasions can be displayed on the calendar and the program can also be in...
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 Aaron s CountDown Feb 25, 2004 620
Count down to any event! Aaron's countdown counts the days, hours and minutes until your birthday, retirement, graduation, special event, etc....
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