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 Novobot Mar 17, 2004 128
Novobot is a smart headline viewer and news ticker that can dramatically improve your web browsing experience. You build a queue from the available sites, run the queue and do your work. Novobot will load each site from the queue, and extract headlines together with sub-headings and links. When th...
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 BrowserLock (TM) Kiosk Edition Mar 17, 2004 127
BrowserLock (TM) is a unique combination of a 'personal' Internet portal and a Web access filter. It is a user-defined, client-side portal, which resides on a PC, and which also has the ability to restrict Web access to only those sites which are listed by a supervisor, such as a parent. The s...
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 Guard - Multi Computer Version Mar 17, 2004 125
Guard is a window watcher application for Windows 95/ 98, which can close (or minimize) any annoying pop up window or can protect your private documents and folders from being seen by unauthorised eyes. The program is very flexible, customizable, it allows password protection, a completelly invi...
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 news-scan Mar 17, 2004 123
NewsScan is a browser for searching and reading news on the internet. It bloks advertising and skips images increasing speed of accss to information. NewsScan has 2 search modes. SCAN mode to check a set of internet sites for information topics you are interested in. SEARCH mode to search sites and ...
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 IECitater Mar 17, 2004 114
IECitater is very usable for scholars and reviewers. This simple program incredible enhance effectiveness of your Internet browsing. Select fragment of text or pictures and gather selected fragments to Word document. At the end - you have all cites in the one file. And half of hour later - ready rev...
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 The Easy Bee Aug 3, 2004 104
Repetitive Web surfing wastes a lot of time to individuals and companies. The Easy Bee aims to provide an user-friendly solution to Web browsing costs. Indeed the product lets the user quickly and easily record web browsing macros. It then replays them periodically and silently. Macros can includ...
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 Incredi IE Manager Mar 17, 2004 94
Manager is an unique tool for managing in a new and comfortable way the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and above. Enhance the capabilities of your browser to a different level with this multi functional, easy to use program. Features include: powerful and customizing pop up blocker, spell...
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 FineBrowser Nov 28, 2008 83
FineBrowser allows opening multiple web pages at a time, without eating up the valuable Windows taskbar space. FineBrowser provides a variety of ways to open multiple sites with a single mouse-click. FineBrowser allows you to customize the window tabs layout, lock them to avoid accidental close ...
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 iNetAdviser Oct 28, 2008 78
This "all-in-one" product makes your Internet surfing easier and faster. It combines functions of a multi-window browser and advanced bookmarker. Use link highlighting feature to avoid visiting the same Web page twice. Hover your mouse over a link to see your personal comments, page screenshots, l...
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