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 NetCaptor Mar 17, 2004 169
Many users have asked -- what kind of application is NetCaptor? Is it a browser addon, a plug-in? What is it? Here's the answer. NetCaptor can best be described as a custom browser application. NetCaptor is a standalone application that uses services provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer to rende...
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 HTML-View Mar 17, 2004 162
Easy to use viewer for WWW file formats (HTML, GIF, JPEG), text files (TXT) and ActiveX documents (DOC, XLS - requires installed MS Office'97 or later/ MS Office Viewers). HTML-View features: convenient file browser; file operations: copy, move, rename, delete; quick file and folder bookmark...
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 NoTrax Mar 17, 2004 162
NoTrax is the Secure Tabbed Web Browser that leaves NO RECORD of your Internet activity on your PC. No writing to Registry during browser sessions. No index.dat worries. No writing to Recycle Bin and app. logs are not created. It erases Session files, Cookies and Cache using secure deletion methods ...
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 Research-Desk Web Mar 17, 2004 160
Research-Desk Web: The Worlds First Professional Web Browser. With Research-Desk Web, you can browse multiple web sites simultaneously, save complete web pages, grammar and spell check your web forms (requires MS Word), optimize internet settings, customize browser context menus, and create wo...
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 WatchEm Mar 17, 2004 159
Automatically keep track of up to five eBay Auctions at once without opening your browser. WatchEm has it's own internal browsers with automatic page refresh at specified intervals for the items you're watching so you'll always have the latest bid. Choose refresh rates 15, 30, 45 Seconds, 1 Min...
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 NeoStat Mar 17, 2004 152
Professional Web Stat Script...
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 DISCo WatchMan Mar 17, 2004 147
Small and easy to use Internet tool DISCo WatchMan allows you to monitor your favorite web-pages or e-mail changes and get information about any changes of their contents. Don't spend time to watch the same - watch new only....
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 WebSlinky Aug 9, 2002 144
WebSlinky is an off-line browser tool. It has a simple user-interface and has a small footprint. It allows you to copy a website to your local computer for viewing at a later time without reconnecting to the internet. It will recreate the structure of the website on your computer as it is on the w...
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 Internet Privacy 6.1 Mar 17, 2004 140
Works with Win95/ 98/ NT/ 2000 Protect your privacy. Typically, an experienced user can find your 'deleted' mail, previous web sites you've visited, what newsgroups you've read, previous chat areas, files you've downloaded, ICQ conversations, and your personal information. This program preven...
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 BrowserLock (TM) Home Edition Mar 17, 2004 138
BrowserLock (TM) is a unique combination of a 'personal' Internet portal and a Web access filter. It is a user-defined, client-side portal, which resides on a PC, and which also has the ability to restrict Web access to only those sites which are listed by a supervisor, such as a parent. The sup...
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