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 MHT Quick Saver Mar 17, 2004 219
The program provides instant saving of any web page on view in Microsoft Internet Explorer and in any of the formats supported by Explorer formats. This includes the convenient "Web Archive" single file format with the *.MHT extension. Instead of executing a lengthy sequence of operations - open the...
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 TZ Spyware-Adware Remover Mar 17, 2004 219
Nearly 90% of Internet connected PCs are infected by Spyware (the fastest growing threat). Different ways of infection: visiting a spy-spreading web site, opening a spy-carrying email attachment, downloading free programs bundled with spyware, using file sharing programs like Kazaa, Morpheus...
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 WebCloner Professional Mar 17, 2004 218
Downloads one or thousands of sites onto your hard drive for later offline browsing. Results are stored directly packed, saving up to 80% of disk space compared to other download tools.Integrated in the IE interface-you can right-click on a page to instantly download all images or all links on it.U...
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 IE Security Pro Jan 12, 2005 216
Do you use the Internet Explorer Web browser? Want to customize it and change some settings? Then Internet Explorer Security is the utility you need! This remarkable software possesses a rich set of features and enables you to manage your browser settings easily and instantly. Disable individual me...
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 WebGrab Mar 17, 2004 208
WebGrab is a simple and convenient way to save and organize Web Pages for off-line viewing. How many times have you bookmarked Web pages for future reference only to find that page is no longer in existence? The information you were relying on is gone and the search and collection process starts al...
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 iDropper May 1, 2003 205
iDropper is here to minimise the effort in collecting image media from the Internet. Whether this be for business, pleasure or research, you'll find iDropper is all you need to simplify the entire process. New features in the latest version include screen and clipboard capture, and internal imag...
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 Web Prowler Mar 17, 2004 205
Web Prowler 5.10 offers high quality, secure internet browsing. Navigate the internet using this browser which incorporates never-before-seen components. Browse in multiple windows/ sites at once, or in the the classic, single window mode. It's the unique, original features such as this that mak...
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 IE++ Mar 17, 2004 203
Set of additional functions for Microsoft Internet Explorer which improve the usability of your browser and make your web-surfing more comfortable. IE++ is integrated into the browser as toolbar. With IE++ 2.0 in your Internet Explorer you can: Save Web Page into local folder by one mouse click, ...
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 AntiPopUp for IE: Internet without popup ads May 1, 2003 177
Popup windows can be extremely annoying. They can appear without warning, even after you have exited from a site. AntiPopUp for IE is a small program that automatically closes a sponsor's Popups. Unlike many other similar programs, AntiPopUp for IE doesn't require that you add each popup window to...
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 adskiller 2.0 Mar 17, 2004 172
AdsKiller ensure you to enjoy your net surfing pleasantly.Automatically close those annoyingly jumping out popup adverts and you will never again worry about that those trouble makers will disrupt your fun on net. AdsKiller protect your browser.You can easily recover your unfortunate browser title a...
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