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 Golden Keywords Aug 6, 2004 161
Careful keyword research is an essential step in web site optimization. Golden Keywords will help you find best keywords for your website so that customers can easily find you. Features fast exhaustive keywords discovering and easy-to-use interface for ranking and grouping found keywords. This new...
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 Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software Jan 20, 2004 158
Cryptainer LE encryption software is a free 128 bit file and disk encryption software. It a simple, easy to use software that creates encrypted vaults. One can store any kind of data in them It creates a 128 bit vault that encrypts all files by simply dragging and dropping them into this vault. A...
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 ASPPack GroupWare Jun 29, 2004 141
ASPPack Groupware par ITCom3 est un Intranet pret a l'emploi pour Windows. ASPPack vous permet de creer un Groupware au format web en quelques instants. Applications disponibles : agenda partage, repertoire des membres, carnet d'adresses, repertoire de sites Web, articles, calendrier d'even...
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 AuctionBrowser Aug 6, 2004 122
Quickly search 4 auction sites for items that you are looking for. All you have to do is type in the item that you are looking for and it searches ebay, yahoo, bidbay and amazon's auctions for it. It opens up multiple frames for each auction site that reveals the results....
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 Natura Sound Therapy Feb 17, 2006 5564
Natura Sound Therapy is software that turns your PC into a Sound Therapy for your body and mind! Natura Sound Therapy attunes you to the relaxing sounds of nature. Relax and listen to the dazzling sounds of ocean waves, babbling brook, forest evening, thunderstorm and ambient space music. Natura ...
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 Active WMA Studio Apr 7, 2004 265
Active WMA Studio is the audio conversion utility with Explorer-like interface, It allows you to encode WAV, MP3 and OGG files to WMA (Windows Media Audio) format with a lot of format options(from 8000 to 48000Hz, up to 192kbps), convert WMA and MP3 files to WAV PCM format, convert WMA files to...
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 KickKeys Mar 1, 2004 246
KickKeys offers a complete language solution through Transliteration (type-as-you-pronounce). With it you can write a foreign language using the regular computer keyboard without memorizing difficult key sequences. Kickkeys allows you to specify your own key mapping, change existing ones, use any...
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 FlashClean Aug 5, 2004 126
FlashClean is a useful program for cleaning up the history of your activities on a computer.Each time you surf on Internet or use other applications in your PC, traces of your activities linger on your hard drive and are open to any person who uses your PC. FlashClean is designed to protect you b...
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 HopeJump - The Game for All Feb 16, 2004 90
HopeJump is based on the idea of a ball jumping by the stairs and picking up diamonds.In the beginning, you have several balls. Your task is to pass a set of levels. You need to gather all the diamonds on each level. There are also bonuses to pick up and monsters to avoid. A game level is a lum...
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 ButtonEx ActiveX Control Apr 17, 2004 537
Versatile button designer for Windows. ButtonEx is an ActiveX component built to extend the functionality of the standard Windows button. In addition to supporting the properties, methods, and events of the standard button (making code replacement simple), ButtonEx allows for a large number of ty...
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