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 Merchants of Andromeda Feb 22, 2004 215
Take command of a fleet of redoutable trade ships in this fast paced action game. Click the stars to set a course for your ship then right click to launch it on its mission of money making through the stars. Bring the square cargoes to the round markets to make unearthly profits and ascend to the ra...
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 Cleaner Pro Mar 23, 2004 264
Your computer is spying on you now! It stores all the evidence into your hard disk. Anyone using your computer can see where you have been on Internet, what images and movies you have seen, and even anything you have done on your computer could be seen by others. The Windows built-in functions wil...
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 SerpentHead Revisited Mar 28, 2003 260
Long ago in the land of Xanaria, there lived a great and powerful wizard, Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus was the Royal Mage (under King Ethor III), and he was as good and pure as his White Magic. The same cannot be said, however, of his vile brother, Salorann, who is also known as the "Dark Sorcerer". ...
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 FlashCharts Jan 29, 2004 527
FlashChart is the answer to your web enabled application's simple charting needs. It can transform a data of boring numbers into a nice looking chart. FlashChart v1.0 generates two types of bar charts, a line chart, and a pie chart. It generates all the graphics in the client computer using Macrom...
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 Easy Service Monitor Dec 20, 2003 225
Thank you for you purchasing Easy Service Monitor! After purchasing, you will get: Full functions Free upgrade Fast technology support...
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 Zoner Barcode Studio Feb 3, 2004 2063
Zoner Barcode Studio is a complete barcode solution. It enables you to create, print, export and manage/ archive the following codes: UPC A, UPC E, ITF, Code 128, EAN 13, EAN 8, UCC/ EAN 128, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar, Postnet, 2/ 5 Industrial, 2/ 5 IATA, 2/ 5 Interleaved, 2/ 5 Matri...
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 Monster Truck Stunts Sep 11, 2002 791
Monster truck stunts game, specifically designed to challenge other human players in message-board-coordinated online contests. Accurate car dynamics simulation, realistic driving techniques, stunning brake-into-pieces crashes. Includes track editor. Mouse, joystick, gamepad and steering wheel...
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 Infine Capture Flash Aug 16, 2004 406
Infine Capture Flash is a software allows you to capture flash files from all open web pages and temporary Internet files, and save them to disk in one second. You can preview each Flash file (.swf) with the built-in viewer. With the program, you can get any Flash file you are visiting or have v...
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 tapCalcCPA calculator Feb 2, 2004 306
tApCalcCPA is a simple accounting and scientific calculator featuring a virtual paper tape. It includes standard calculator functions such as: Memory functions Sub-total, total, grand total Mark-up, Mark-down Thousand separator Scientific operators Support for all country specific number fo...
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 BattleMan Feb 15, 2004 301
In this arcade you control a military tank which has the simple mission of enemy destruction on that level, each level has a set number of tanks to destroy and they will just keep comming until that level is cleared. Also you have to protect the staff. To assist your task, bonuses will be appear i...
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