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 Chrysanth Mail Manager Aug 16, 2004 243
Chrysanth Mail Manager is designed from the ground up to help users deal with the increasing problem of junk email or "SPAM". The program lets users identify and filter junk email on their mail server without having to download the email first. This saves on time and resources, conserving bandw...
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 MailMate Anti-Spam Expert Aug 17, 2004 243
MailMate is a simple, yet powerful Anti-Spam software to keep you away from the pain of junk email without changing your habit of receiving emails. MailMate does not work as some other anti-spam software, which should be run before receiving your emails, and killing spams on the server to allo...
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 Ultra GIF Optimizer Jan 31, 2004 237
Ultra GIF Optimizer is a powerful tool for optimizing GIF images.It can makes your web page load faster, save your server bandwidth charges and disk space! By using Ultra GIF Optimizer you can: Reduce the size of GIF images by up to 70%! Increase the speed of your website. Save your server disk spa...
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 Ideal Statements Feb 1, 2004 223
Ideal statements has been designed to help those in the self storage industry to keep track of customers, current as well as those who have been and gone. It keeps track of how much is owed by your customer, how much has been paid this current month, calculates the outstanding amount owing, add...
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 Quiz-Buddy Mar 1, 2004 222
Quiz-Buddy is a program that helps you to memorize new words, facts, definitions, etc. By using the good old "repetition is the mother of skill" principle, you will be remembering new stuff in no time. Adding new entries is as easy as typing. You can have as many Question-Answer lists as you ...
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 Context ThumbView Apr 14, 2004 222
Context ThumbView is a Windows Explorer context menu extension that provides image preview directly in the right-click menu. It supports most of popular image file formats, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and is very handy for quick image viewing. Context ThumbView is invoked by right-clic...
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 Starship Ranger Feb 15, 2004 220
Your Matherplanet suffers from invaders - extraterrestrials. Enemy aircrafts bomb the Earth. You are the last hope of the terrestrials. The best starship is prepared and well equipped. Don't lose the time, good luck! You mission is rather complex. The number of ETs is great, they are very danger...
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 Sea Dreams Feb 22, 2004 220
Sea Dreams is a logic game, which will allow you to enjoy excellent graphic and natural sounds of the ocean. Sea Dreams is a minute of relaxation on the ocean beach. This game intend for people of different ages, but especially for children. With it's help you can develop your imagination and impr...
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 Popup Purger Mar 24, 2004 205
Popup Purger is a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer that can block annoying popup ads automatically. With its SmartBlock Engine, Popup Purger can block 100% unsolicited popup ads while never interfere with your normal navigation. Popup Purger can block pop-up, pop-under and even the web page...
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 Magnurt v2.0 Feb 22, 2004 195
The Tetris of maze games!PC version of the wildly popular online game. You're Magnurt, a clever magnet with a positive attitude and a great set of sneakers. Use your wits and skill to successfully navigate progressively challenging mazes of positive, negative, and neutral particles. Sounds simp...
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