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 Last Man Standing Aug 16, 2004 245
Mankind is locked in a battle for survival against the machines. The powerful and ruthless war computer Skullnet has turned on its creators, humans. Skullnet is now threatening to eliminate entire mankind. You, an ace solider, are mankind's sole hope. In a desperate attempt, you are to pil...
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 Messenger Ad Blocker Mar 22, 2004 374
Last time Windows users around the world began receive Windows popup messages appearing on their computers. This advertisement is the newest form of sending ads right to your desktop. Many advertises and spammers are using this privacy invading method of Advertisement. But now You can stop this Me...
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 Word Mojo Gold Feb 18, 2004 4546
Word Mojo Gold is a simple, crossword-style word game that is both challenging and fun! Word Mojo Gold's unique play style engages the player with unlimited word variations played against the clock or with no time limit. Score BIG by placing letters strategically to create a MEGA MOJO word!...
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 Talking Stocks Feb 2, 2004 228
Talking Stocks retrieves real-time stock quotes from the Internet, then broadcasts them using a talking character that has a clear, human-like voice. With Talking Stocks, you don't have to refresh your web browser anymore to get the latest prices. Instead, you can listen to the current stock pri...
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 Gutterball 3D bowling Feb 10, 2006 14248
The original striking Gutterball 3D bowling game! Get great bowling action without the crowds of bowlers! No rental shoes required! Gutterball 3D bowling game - realistic, fast-paced and fun-filled - is controlled just by the mouse click! Gutterball 3D bowling game does a great job of simulating a ...
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 QuickBurn MP3 for Winamp Apr 7, 2004 3096
This add-on for Winamp allows you to burn MP3 and/ or WAV files, listed in your Winamp playlist, to be burned to Audio CD directly with one button-click! The add-on places a new window above Winamp with features to select burning speed, burn 'on the fly', test mode and BURN-Proof buffer-underrun...
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 Mother Of All Battles Feb 23, 2004 1295
Mother Of All Battles is a strategy game for 2 to 6 human or computer players. The object of the game is to capture the world starting from your single home city. Each city can build units (either tanks, planes, paratroopers, bombers, destroyers, battleships, submarines or aircraft carriers) i...
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 Spelvin game Feb 7, 2004 574
Take a trip with Spelvin to a land of lights and glitter! Play it like a gambler as you scramble for words and gamble with Juice to spin for better letters from which to spell! Spelvin is your host with the most. He's spinning, bouncing and entertaining the guests like a true music superstar. Come ...
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 Animate Nature Screensaver Aug 25, 2004 569
Animate Nature Screensaver shows beautiful photographic nature scenes with realistic animation including moving sky, birds merrily flying between the trees, butterflys flitting about above the ground. Let your eyes rest on the living pictures of the nature. Enjoy the entrancing sounds of the birds...
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 Magic Winmail Server Mar 20, 2004 490
Magic Winmail Server is a professional and easy-use mail server software, supporting SMTP, POP3, multiple domains, anti-virus, SMTP authentication, remote control, spam filter, user and domain alias, quotas, mail group, mail route, mailbox monitor....
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