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 SG VersionInfo Apr 19, 2004 95
The SG VersionInfo is an ActiveX? component that exposes version information stored in Windows executables and fonts through the rich set of properties and methods. This information can be used to perform various administrative tasks or build installation scripts. Component is small and does not nee...
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 PopupX ActiveX Control Apr 19, 2004 94
PopupX enables Visual Basic programmers to fully exploit the power of pop-up menus. It's a programming tool that allows you to create dynamically generated pop-up menus and plan how users will respond to them at run-time. Use PopupX to provide powerful data selection and user friendly context sensit...
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 CoolCounter ActiveX Control Apr 19, 2004 94
The CoolCounter ActiveX Control allows you to create animated counters in your Visual Basic or Web application. When a counters value changes its digits are animated to reflect the change. You can specify sounds (WAV files) that will be played each time a digit changes. The control exports a large s...
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 Oberon Type Library Tools Apr 19, 2004 94
Are you a software developer who creates custom ActiveX controls or COM Server applications? After you finished your program, documentation is the last thing you want to spend a lot of time on. Oberon Type Library Tools is the right instrument to make documenting COM interfaces easier. This utility...
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 Audio CD Burner Standard Apr 19, 2004 91
Active X Controls To Burn Wave files to an Audio CD files. The Control is fast has an a awesome buffer protection, so its safe to compile a program in vc++ and burn at the same time, while surfing online. It Recognizes Tons of Drives. Works in Win95/ 98/ ME and Win NT/ 2000/ XP....
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 MP3 2 Ogg Vorbis X Nov 19, 2002 91
Active X Controls To Convert MP3 2 Ogg Vorbis Audio Files on the fly. no temp file is made....
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 ExpediteShip for DHL Jul 2, 2004 90
DHL certified software for shipping process automation and easy development of custom shipping solutions. It allows customers to integrate the DHL U.S. domestic web services with their existing IT systems, such as ordering, inventory, accounting systems, customer service, e-commerce sites, on...
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 Chilkat Zip Apr 19, 2004 89
Chilkat Zip is a state-of-the-art Zip compression component that is built for speed, and uses Chilkat's proprietary streaming technology for compression/ decompression. Applications that need to zip or unzip data from files or directly from memory would benefit by using this component, especially ...
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 Run Control Apr 19, 2004 88
Run Control allows you to execute programs from Visual Basic, ASP, Windows Scripting Host or any other development environments that support ActiveX controls. Run Control can wait for the process, get the return code, capture the output of DOS/ Windows console programs and redirect their input. ...
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 ActiveLink! - Wordlink Control Apr 19, 2004 87
ActiveLink Word Link Control is an ActiveX control you can use to create active hyperlinks in your application, with colorful effects such as "ColorOnMouseOver" and "UnderlineOnMouseOver". When users click the ActiveLink, they will go to the page you specified in their default browser. Version 2.3...
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