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 Bubble Knob Apr 17, 2004 139
Precision Bubble Knob is a powerful OCX control which enables your applications to include good looking circular knobs that let the user to specify a value between a linear range....
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 SWF Generator ActiveX Component Sep 21, 2004 139
SWF Generator ActiveX component (SWFGen) is an ActiveX component that can substitute the elements in a Macromedia) Flash movie (SWF file). It takes a SWF file (Flash 3, 4, 5, MX or MX 2004) as input and generates a new SWF file (Flash MX or Flash MX 2004). You can use it in a C#, VC, VB, Del...
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 CD Burn N Rip Pro Apr 17, 2004 137
Active X Controls To Burn Wave or MP3's files on the fly to an Audio CD files. Rips Audio CD's to Wave or Mp3 files on the fly....
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 DMpeg X Control Nov 19, 2002 130
Encode Avi Files To Mpeg 1 Files. with this easy to use mpeg encoder component...
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 Level Indicator Apr 17, 2004 127
Precision Level Indicator is a powerful and professional-looking OCX control for your applications which can be used to graphically represent a quantity. It displays a cylindrical glass tank that is lineary filled with a colored liquid according to the value you want to represent, which can vary in...
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 Audio Video Station X Nov 19, 2002 125
Add Numerous Audio And Video Functions Fast And Easy To your Apps. Rip Audio CD's To Wave, MP3(Internal and Lame), Ogg , Wma v2, Wma v8, Real Audio 8, VQF, MP2, Monkey Audio, Actrac3, And Most ACM Codec On Your System. Encode Wave Files To MP3, WMA, Real Audio, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey Audio...
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 CoolTicker Control Apr 17, 2004 121
The CoolTicker ActiveX Control allows you to create animated tickers in your Visual Basic or Web application. When a ticker's message is changed the new message is animated to reflect the change. You can specify sounds (WAV files) that will be played each time the message changes. The control export...
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 Internet Search ActiveX Apr 17, 2004 120
ISA 1.0 is a simple and reliable way to query multiple search engines simultaneously, and to add any HTML searchable sources to your queries, right from your Windows application. This Spider Web Software includes full documentation, with examples in Visual Basic, C++, and ASP. The control conta...
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 XBarCode Apr 17, 2004 120
XBarCode is an ATL ActiveX component that can be used by any OLE compliant language such as VB, VC++ to develop advanced barcode applications. End users can embed the control directly in OLE compatible application such as Microsoft Word, Access and Excel. XBarCode uses Window Metafile Format...
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 Data Entry ActiveX Control Apr 17, 2004 119
The Data Entry Control enables you to incorporate data entry into your application without the hassle of having to create all the forms yourself. You just give the control the database file to use, the table and it will create the whole form for you. It has support for a Browse button that allows t...
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