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 Talk 2Desktop Feb 28, 2004 509
Talk to your desktop and it shall obey ! Talk 2Desktop enables you to control your PC using your own voice. An animated cartoon character will provide feedback and guide you as you go along. Using Talk 2Desktop you can launch programs, go to your favorite web sites, open any document on your PC an...
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 Talking E-mail Feb 1, 2005 293
Talking E-mail is a highly customizable very easy-to-use e-mail notifier that enables you to listen to your incoming messages as they arrive, via animated characters that pop up on your screen. The software resorts to Microsoft Agent technology to read the messages. You can customize what informati...
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 Registry Crawler Jan 25, 2004 238
Registry Crawler enables system administrators, developers and other power users to quickly find and configure Registry settings. The software provides a powerful search engine that allows you to find Registry information based on a search criterion. Results are displayed in a list allowing you to ...
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 Talking Stocks Feb 2, 2004 224
Talking Stocks retrieves real-time stock quotes from the Internet, then broadcasts them using a talking character that has a clear, human-like voice. With Talking Stocks, you don't have to refresh your web browser anymore to get the latest prices. Instead, you can listen to the current stock pri...
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 Add/Remove 4Good Jan 25, 2004 216
How many times have you tried to uninstall a program using Control Panels? Add/ Remove programs and found out that you just can't get rid of it? Add/ Remove 4Good will enable you to remove these stubborn applications for good. It is intended for Windows users who wish to keep their system clean. It ...
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 ActiveX Manager Jan 25, 2004 193
How many times have you tried to register/ unregister an ActiveX control (OCX) and wished there was a better way to do it than REGSVR32? ActiveX Manager enables users and developers to manage ActiveX Controls installed on their PC the easy way. It is great for users who surf the Web and want to keep...
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 Support FetchDog Jan 25, 2004 144
Support FetchDog enables help desks, IT departments, software developers and other support providers to detect and repair software errors on a local or remote PC, by allowing them to retrieve the exact configuration state of that computer. The Windows operating system consists of different conf...
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 SimpleRegistry Control Apr 17, 2004 143
SimpleRegistryTM is a COM Control (COM DLL) that allows you to programmatically access the Windows Registry in much more intuitive way than the Win32 Registry API. Accessing the Registry from your code has never been easier - No more messing with handles, allocated buffers or having to import numer...
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 CoolTicker Control Apr 17, 2004 121
The CoolTicker ActiveX Control allows you to create animated tickers in your Visual Basic or Web application. When a ticker's message is changed the new message is animated to reflect the change. You can specify sounds (WAV files) that will be played each time the message changes. The control export...
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 Registry Bookmarks Nov 19, 2002 111
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